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Looking Up

Space... Utilized to the optimum in these one and two bedroom apartments. Where even the walls do not intrude, merely demarcate. the ceilings areate discret horizons. The picture windows afford a panoramic view of the unfolding vistas all around.

Even in weightless space, there is a logical balance between form and functions, a logic which is apparent in the layout of every apartment and every room within the apartment.

From the bedrooms to the living, kitchen, dining and terraces. Your guests expressions tell the story.

You know that it's to you they are....

 1-BHK 619.00 to 651.00 Sqft    2 BHK -@ 789.00 SQFT    2 BHK 902.00to 912.00 Sqft

1-BHK 619.00 to 651.00 Sqft

Gulmohor Imperial


2-BHK 789.00 Sqft

Gulmohor Imperial


2-BHK 902.00 to 912.00 Sqft

Gulmohor Imperial

Gulmohor Imperial